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 100 NE Bend River Mall Ave. Bend, OR. 




$ 435 USD

Functional sculpture that is just as sharp and pointy as the Bards character. 5 7/8" semi-skate style glad is flat ground to a wicked point - forged from 5160 spring steel and given a satin finish. the unique hand shaped grip is comprised of stabilized spalted maple with mahogany accents and brass pins. the Stylish scrolled pommel lends an incredible balance to this piece that is both visual and physical - a true tool. hand stitched leather frog and socket sheath. Price includes shipping inside the continental US


$ 360 USD

As vicious as it's namesake, this piece was designed for defense. Flat ground to a needle point this Wharncliffe style blade was hand forged and hand ground from 5160 steel. The darked satin blade is low reflective and balances naturally in the hand. Black micarta scales and brass pins add to the rakish appearance and a hand stitched horizontal ride small of the back horsehide sheath keeps this one out of sight until called upon. Price includes shipping inside the continental US


$ 335 USD

Beauty and utility combined. Hand forged and hand ground from tough 5160 spring steel. The satin finished grind contrasts beautifully with the Brut Du Forge and the stabilized lace redwood burl scales. A real eye catching piece. Made with a hidden tang 4 panel handle construction with stabilized red boxwood burl top and bottom inserts and bright polished brass pins. The one piece socket looped sheath is hand stitched and rides easy at the hip. Price included shipping inside the continental US


$ 285 USD

A new companion for the Hunt. Hand forged, ground and polished, this s a family heirloom quality small hunter. 3 3/4" differential tempered 5160 blade Nickel guard with brass pins. Herring bone laminated walnut handle slabs with dramatic grain, brass pins and lanyard hole. Rounded spine for comfort. Compact 7 7/8" total overall length. Hand stitched horse hide sheath Price includes shipping in the continental US. Price subject to change with out notice